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Wednesday's Moonbats

Dick Durbin - Once a dick, always a dick.
bat tip: Jackson's Junction, Political Teen
U.S. Soldiers like Nazi's...er,was that out loud?

Linda Foley - Yep, U.S. soldiers are Nazi's
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Turns out she sits on a Board of Moonbats


Tuesday's MoonBats

Harry Reid - Lead apologist for America haters.
bat tip: Political Teen
Durbin was right, our military are Nazi's (Video)

Cory Zimbleman - The only good Moonbat is a...
bat tip: Michelle Malkin
Hey, YOU finished that thought - not me


Monday's Moonbats

Jim Lampley - Where was he when JFK was shot?
bat tip: HuffPo
Real Iraq War casualties ~9,000!, um I take that back

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga - That's just too many names.
bat tip: dKos
Fighting with fellow Kosbats about the "9,000" number

Eleanor Clift - We wish she'd jump over one.
bat tip: MRC
I'm not kidding, Iraq is worse than Vietnam (audio)


A - C | A. Brown to CU Students

Aaron Brown – People used to take him more seriously.
bat tip – Media Research Center
Stop doubting Kerry’s war record (Video)

Al Franken - Not so "deep thoughts" after all.
bat tip: Michelle Malkin
Filibusters his own award ceremony, get a life!

Al Gore - Serial sweatbox might have been President, yikes!
bat tips: WorldNet, USA Today, IHT, Ankle Biters
Christians are more dangerous than Muslims
It's OK if we do it, but "despicable" when you do it
No fair, Jesus is on Bush's side, wimper wimper, dripping sweat...
Global warming will cause evacuation of NYC by 2015

Alec Baldwin - Still awaiting form 180 release for Europe move.
bat tips: MRC
GOP Leaders "maniacs" from the "Christian looney bin"
Needs a “do-over" so he doesn’t have to move to Europe

Al Hunt – Didn’t he have something to do with Watergate?
bat tip: MRC
Democrat vote counters more precise than machine counts (Video)

Andrea Mitchell – Is that haughty accent real, I can't tell.
bat tip: MRC
Believe me, I know, rank and file soldiers LOVE Hillary (Video)

Andy Rooney – Loses his quaint humor when discussing politics.
bat tip – MRC
What was God thinking when he made Mel Gibson (Video)

Arianna Huffington - No more self-identity, but likes her new friends.
bat tips: HuffPo (she's her own best customer)
This little matter of National Security, even I could handle
On Tim Russert and her "favorite position" – (oooh yuk!)

Barbara Boxer - Wants your district to look like her district.
bat tips: Ankle Biters
Challenging the right of Americans to choose the President
Admits to love affair with Robert Byrd (sounds about right)

Barbra Streisand – Thinks people desire her opinion.
bat tip: MRC
Babs puts her sorrow to song (Video)

Bill Burkett - Fabricator of CBS Guard memo.
bat tip: Beautiful Atrocities
Bush no different than Hitler or Napoleon

Bill Clinton - Presidency "stained" by scandal – couldn’t resist.
bat tip: American Rhetoric, NPR
I did not have sexual relations... (Audio)
That depends on what the definition of "is", is... (Video)

Bill Maher – But unlike Franken, he’s still funny – too bad.
bat tip: MRC, PowerPundit
Bush isn’t a bag of manure, he’s a lying bag of manure (Video)
Military Recruiters already picked the “low lying” fruit, so what now?

Bill Moyers – Wants to keep PBS slant DECIDEDLY Moonbat left.
bat tips – MRC
Bush is going down, and your tax dollars will pay for it (Video)
Conservative Talk "red meat", Liberal issues more complex (Audio)

Bob Schieffer - Wasn't he going to offer objectivity?
bat tip: MRC
Gitmo similarities with Vietnamese POW Camps(Audio)

Bruce Springsteen - The Boss is no longer in charge.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
A little ditty about impeaching George Bush

Bryant Gumbel – Why couldn’t he have been more like Greg?
bat tip: MRC
Facts aside, isn’t it wrong to kill a killer? (Video)

Carole Simpson - Talks without moving her mouth, cool.
bat tip - Daily Recycler, MRC
Red States are pro-slavery, look at my map... (Video)
3 weeks into Bush Presidency, homelessness returrns (Video)

Ceci Connolly - Piling on Gitmo issue, or just bad at math?
bat tip: Jackson's Junction
100 Homicides of terrorists in U.S. custody, or NOT

Chevy Chase - Like Al Franken, he's just no longer funny. Was he?
bat tip: Captain's Quarters
Bush is a dumb f**k - and I'm no clown, either!
Socialism works, Cuba as the model

Charles Rangel - Has he lost it? He did already.
bat tip: Polipundit
Dumbing down the Holocaust, WAY down

Chris Martin - Better known as Gwyneth's "cold" hubbie.
bat tips: Weekly Standard, Ankle Biters
Bush is Killing Us, We're all going to die!
Capitalism sucks, except when I benefit

Chris Matthews – His bias increases as General Elections near.
bat tip – MRC
Bush can’t beat you on the issues, can he Sen Kerry? (Video)

Craig Crawford – Wonder if he’s STILL a CBS “Political Anaylyst”
bat tip: MRC
One feels the Presidency slipping away from George Bush (Video)

Colorado University Students - Parents should demand refunds.
bat tip: The Political Teen
Vote Professor Ward Churchill "Favorite Professor"

D - I | D. Rather to I. Nooyi

Dan Rather – We miss him more than a poke in the eye in a pig sty.
bat tips – MRC
Attacks Bush 1, and Bush attacks back! (Video)
Dogged defender of Clinton, er, defends Clinton (Video)
National Guard service not as patriotic as active duty (Video)
Giving Dem talking points at the convention (Video)
”Partisan political operatives” attacking my Bush NG story (Video)
Highest # of jobs created in 3 years is a “putt, putt, putt” (Video)
Civilians working in Iraq due to no jobs here at home (Video)
”Some say” Supremes handed Presidency to Bush (Video)
Bush the winner as “she sees it, and she decrees it” (Video)
Wants to write Hillary’s gushing obit in advance (Video)
CBS a “magical, mystical kingdom of journalistic knights (Audio)
It could be, might be, possibly the story is true (Audio)

David Wagner – Whoa, this dude is WHACK…
bat tip – Moonbattery
17 yr old Laura Bush MURDERED her boyfriend - OK, and THIS?

Daniel Klaidman - Newsweek's Wash Bureau Chief is in da Nile
bat tip: LGF
We're sorry about deaths, but neutral on Quran incident

Dave Matthews – Great music, lousy politics.
bat tip – Ankle Biters
Maybe the Iraqi people should have gotten rid of Saddam themselves

David Gregory – Played better as Geraldo’s stooge.
bat tip – MRC
Cheney a “dark figure” who Americans disagree with (Video)

Diane Saywer – She was America’s Junior Miss once, Google it.
bat tip: MRC
Katherine Harris insisting on following the “letter of the law” (Video)

Dorothy Tillman - Sorry, I don't know her either.
bat tip: Blogs for Bush
Law allowing armed defense of homes unfair to armed black burglars

Eason Jordan - CNN Int'l Head jabs U.S. from across the pond.
bat tip: LaShawn Barber
U.S. Military under orders to assasinate journalists

Ed Harris – Tough guy in movies, Moonbat in real life.
bat tip – MRC
Confused over the definition of “man” (Video)

Elisabeth Bumiller – NYT prose princess dresses nice
bat tip – MRC
Come on Mr. President, you ARE responsible for 9/11 (Video)

Elizabeth Kaledin – Following in Rather’s footsteps, how sweet.
bat tip: MRC
Perhaps a little communism wouldn’t be all bad (Audio)

Elton John - Rocket Man is a FLAMING Moonbat.
bat tip - Ankle Biters
Bush the "worst thing that ever happened to America"

Erica Jong - Is she ill? No - suprisingly NOT Kim Jong Il's wife.
bat tip: HuffPo
Laura Bush helping to erode women's rights

Fidel Castro - Hollywood Fav makes the list.
bat tip: Beautiful Atrocities
Bush is Hitler, I am benevolent

George Galloway - The Left's own favorite Euro-Moonbat.
bat tip: Ace of Spades
Democrats and Muslims - UNITE!

George Voinovich - Our 1st Republican Moonbat, congrats Senator.
bat tip: RadioBlogger, Crooks and Liars, Michelle Malkin
If you vote for Bolton I'm going to cry (Audio)
Oh my God he DID cry! (Video) Here, Have a Tissue!

Graham Nash - as in Crosby, Stills and...
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Bush a "dangerous" inarticulate "moron"

Harry Reid - Mommy said when I call names, do so politely.
bat tips: BlogsForBush, UpOrDownVote, Political Teen
Bush is a "Loser", and stop calling us names!
Nah, na, na, na, nah, na!
Explaining the non-filibuster filibuster of Bolton (Video)

Hillary Clinton - Is her move to middle a right-wing conspiracy?
bat tip: Blogs for Bush, Ankle Biters
Iraqi women better off under Saddam Hussein
Moving toward the middle... oops - veering left!

Howard Dean - The Left's Dan Quayle (Sorry Dan)
bat tips: CQ, BlogsForBush, Jackson's Junction, Hugh Hewitt, Ankle Biters, Wizbang
Tom DeLay guilty before proven innocent
Tom DeLay guilty before proven innocent (Moonbat Video!)
Osama Bin Laden innocent before proven guilty
I hate the Republicans, but they're organized...
On 9/11 Terrorists - Osama was not the boss of them (Video)
Howard, you just lost Iowa, waddya gonna do next? (Audio)
Republicans the party of "white Christians"
Abortions rising under Bush - Um, WRONG again, Howie
Um, er, well, they really ARE a white Christian party

Indra Nooyi - President/CEO of PepsiCo hates America.
bat tip: Power Line
America is Flipping off the World. Oh, and please drink Pepsi!

J - L | J. Jaffer to L. Ronstadt

Jameel Jaffer – ACLU protects THEIR liberties, NOT yours.
bat tip: Moonbat Central
Need for laws protecting Islamic teachings (but not Christian)

Jeanine Garafolo - Is that how you spell it? Who cares?
bat tips: Daily Recycler, MRC
Relatively tame rant against "ink stained" fingers
Will apologize to Bush if we defeat Iraq (Video)
Bush and Saddam equal threats to “world peace” (Video)

Jesse Jackson - Well, could still be America's 2nd black prez.
bat tip: Free Republic
Bush would have left Jesus homeless and stuff

Jessica Lange – Moonbat actress wants to be taken seriously, really.
bat tip: MRC
Ooh, she’s good – is she acting, or is it real? (Video)

Jim Lampley - Broadcasting lackey now an Out of the Closet Moonbat.
bat tip: HuffPo
Vegas had Kerry at 2:1, so Bush stole the election
Oh, and I am not THAT far left of Trotsky

Jimmy Carter - He used to be a President, look it up.
bat tip: Washinton Times
America rushed into Revolutionary War, too!

Joe Biden - Hair Plug for Men wins over male patterned baldness.
bat tip: WSJ Best of the Web
Bush is brain dead, um, I mean...

John Conyers - Thinks Rove's at work in everything.
bat tip: Captain's Quarters
Creates make believe fantasy impeachment of Bush

John Kerry - I'm for the war, no against, no for, arghh...
bat tips: BlogsForBush, JWR, Football Fans, MRC, WSJ
You like her better than me? Marcia, Marcia Marcia!
No fair, there were too many voting machines in Jesusland
Everyone knows the Michigan Buckeyes don't play at Lambert Field
Bush Campaign full of “crooked liars” (Video)
I read the whole New Testament the other day

John Conyers – Definitely not your AVERAGE Moonbat.
bat tip: Moonbat Central
Seperation of Church/State – um, except Islam of course
Oh my God, he's got a BLOG!

John Ford – Tennessee Dem is in deep Moonbat doo-doo.
bat tip: Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades
Yep, Harold Ford Jr’s uncle threatened to kill an FBI Agent
Bonus – an old incident involving road rage and a gun!

Jon Bon Jovi - Into politics due to musical irrelavance.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
George W. Lunatic a "doodie head" and a "turd burglar"

Jon Meacham – Newsweek managing Editor/Kerry Campaigner
bat tip: MRC
Flip-flopping might be a virtue Kerry can take advantage of

Julia Roberts – Hottest. Moonbat. Ever.
bat tip: MRC
Republican in dictionary: after reptile, before repugnant

Katie Couric – Most "peppy" Moonbat on the Planet.
bat tip: MRC
Maybe it’s NOT just a minority of soldiers causing atrocities (Audio)

Keith Olbermann - He's surprisingly NOT an animated character.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Keith's rule: something bad happens - Blame Bush (or O'Reilly)
History will judge Bush, and I will make the history (Video)
You see I have this theory, now stay with me, the election was stolen (Video)
Right wing conspiracy caused Kerry to be “unfit for command” (Video)

Kimberly Dozier – You have to watch CBS to know its reporters.
bat tip – MRC
Saddam was a gentle tyrant beloved by millions (Video)

Kristen Breitweiser - 9/11 widow embraces terrorists.
bat tip: HuffPo
Bush made Terrorists Kill my Husband

Lawrence O'Donnell - Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.
bat tips: Daily Recycler, Ankle Biters, Jackson's Junction, HuffPo
Rated PG-13 for pulsating veins and camera lens spittle (Video)
The Pope is Irrelevant to American Catholics
There are no bad teachers, have a shower (Video)
McCain's compromise "bravest political act of this century"

Linda Foley - President of Newspaper Guild Despises our Soldiers.
bat tips: WorldNet, Radioblogger, Jackson's Junction, Political Teen, Media Slander
American Troops deliberately targeting journalists
American Troops deliberately targeting journalists (Audio)
American Troops deliberately targeting journalists (Video)
Rather story was right, and U.S. IS targeting journalists (Audio)
Fair and Balanced a front for evil, conservative reporting (Video)
Foley featured in "Workers World" - COMMIE!!

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Another show to boycott, geez.
bat tip: MRC
L & O assists MSM in piling on of Tom DeLay (Video)

Linda Ronstadt – She used to be a popular singer, no really.
bat tip – WorldNetDaily
Americans mesmerized by Bush, like Germans for Hitler (Video)

M - R | MSM to R. O'Donnell

MSM – Opinions depend on who is being attacked
bat tip: MRC
Conservative when after liberals, watchdog when after GOP (Video)

Madonna - Isn't she Brittney's Mom?
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Bush's language more offensive than Eminem's
Wants to spout off without it affecting record sales

Maggie Gyllenhaal - You know, the famous actress. Not ringing a bell?
bat tip: WorldNetDaily
I'm no Ward Churchill, but U.S. is responsible for 9/11

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga - Oversees the internet's largest day care.
bat tips: Little Green Footballs
American Civilians being killed in Iraq - "Screw Them"
FBI – Newsweek was right. Um, WRONG again, Kos.

Maureen Dowd - It's not easy being liberal and widely read.
bat tip: Michelle Malkin
Looks like MoDo's lost her Mojo - "precious"

Martina Navratilova – No longer appreciates opportunities here.
bat tip: MRC
Exchanged one system oppressing opinion for another (Video)

Matt Lauer – Does anyone’s smile look more fake than his?
bat tip – MRC
Maybe the insurgents are destined to defeat us (Video)
Bill Clinton as one of the "Greatest Americans" (Audio)

Maurice Hinchey - Congress' most prolific world traveler.
bat tips: Michelle Malkin, LGF
DeLay's trips illegal, mine appropriate and necessary
Rove planted Rathergate memo (audio)

Michael Isikoff - Mass murderer of Afghans remains at large.
bat Tip: Michelle Malkin
Isikoff Killing Spree causes Global Panic

Mike Mills - Don't know him? Click on the link.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Disappointed in America for re-electing Bush

Mike Wallace – Knows a good war when he sees one.
bat tip: MRC
Nothing “noble” about ousting Saddam and freeing Iraqis (Video)

Naomi Foner - I admit it: Don't know/don't care who she is.
bat tip: HuffPo
The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!

P. Diddy - "Vote or Die", whatever that means.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
We gotta get Bush's a$$ up outta dat office

Peter Boyle – Better known as “Raymond’s” Dad.
bat tip: MRC
I’m afraid of Bush (Video)

Peter Jennings – As biased as Dan, but much, much smarter.
bat tip – MRC
Iraqi’s “telling us” life was better under Saddam (Video)

Phil Donahue – Rhetoric and ratings equal to Olbermann.
bat tip – MRC
Need to get rid of CONSERVATIVE bias in the media (Video)
Terrorists will love us if we ban land mines (Video)

Puff Daddy - Not here! See P. Diddy...

Robert Byrd - From Klan to oldest lefty in just 700 short yrs.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Stop calling us names, oh and Bush is Hitler

Robin Williams – Funniest. Moonbat. Ever
bat tip: MRC
Cusses in front of children at Dem fundraiser (Video)

Rosie O’Donnell – 3rd Rate Comic, 1st rate Moonbat.
bat tip – MRC, Michelle Malkin
War criminal Bush should be tried at the Hague (Audio)
Forces, ahem, "partner" to stop breastfeeding "their" baby

S-W | S. Donaldson to W. Schulz

Sam Donaldson – Irrelevant since what, the 80's?
bat tip: MRC
Bush a mortal threat to children and seniors (Video)

Scott Ritter - Hussein's friend / Weapons Inspector
bat tip: Beautiful Atrocities
No difference between invading Iraq and Poland (1939)

Sean Combs - Not here! See P. Diddy...

Sean Penn - By which all other Moonbats are judged.
bat tip: Beautiful Atrocities
I would trade Bush or O-Reilly for Bin Laden
Seanathon's letter to 'Team America'
Owns guns, but doesn't want you to have them
Environmentalist whacko drives a gas guzzling hot rod

Star Jones – ¾ of “The View” leans to the Moonbat left.
bat tip: MRC
I’m with terrorists before I’m with Bush (Video)

Steven Brant - Another Fluffington "Phantom" writer
bat tip: HuffPo
Newsweek's Isikoff was set up by... who else, Karl Rove!

Susan Estrich - Put Dukakis in the tank, no pun intended.
bat tip: Cathy Seipp, Washington Examiner
Firing off at fellow Moonbat Michael Kinsley
Not blackmailing Kinsely, just wanting to get her way

Ted Rall - He can draw, so must be important:
bat tip: Beautiful Atrocities
I'll stop calling Bush Hitler when he stops acting like him

Ted Kennedy - How old would Mary Jo be today?
bat tip: American Rhetoric
I wasn't drunk, the bridge had no rails, I was confused (Audio)

Ted Turner – Put the B in bias and M in Moonbat
bat tip – MRC, Michelle Malkin
We didn’t win the cold war, and we’re a bully (Video)
Jesus Freak CNN'ers should go to Fox
Castro was mastermind of a "global" CNN (Audio)

Terry Moran - EVERYONE is accountable, um, except us MSM types.
bat tip: Hugh Hewitt
We MSM types stick together, and Newseek ROCKS!

Timothy Shortell - ÜberMoonbat Sociology Professor @ Boston U
bat tips: Michelle Malkin
Karl Rove obviously studied and idolizes Joseph Goebbels
Christians want to kill us, luckily I'm Superman
Christian hater will not head department at CUNY

Tom Cruise - In need of serious Moonbat help.
bat tip: HuffPo
The impact of Scientology on the Cruise psyche - yikes! (Video)

Tom Harkin - Maybe he's why I hate Iowa.
bat tip: Captain's Quarters
Christian Broadcasters are America's Taliban

VH1 – Can’t they just stick to music?
bat tip: MRC
Dub clapping in over actual boos for Hillary (Video)

Walter Cronkite – Now only beloved by 38% of Amerians
bat tip – MRC
Karl Rove made the Bin Laden tape to influence election (Video)

Ward Churchill - Kristen Breitweiser's hubby deserved to die.
bat tip: Little Green Footballs
9/11 victims were "little Eichmanns"

Warren Beatty - Um, Heaven is STILL waiting...
bat tip: Ankle Biters
Terminator grooming for Presidency - uh, or maybe not

Will Smith - Rich black man pretends to be street punk.
bat tip: Ankle Biters
9/11 only affected white Americans, not blacks

William Schulz – Moonbat heads Amnesty Int’l – BIG surprise.
bat tip: Moonbat Central
Bush, Rumsfeld & Gonzales should be arrested for torture